Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protect your data, applications, and infrastructure from
unexpected interruptions

Preventing data loss, corruption, and leakage of sensitive information due to unauthorized access, a server crash, human error, or natural disaster is critical to the long-term business success. At CherryRoad, we protect your data with our advanced managed backup services using Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology and R1Soft®, which backs-up your data continuously, in real time.

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Benefits of Our Cloud Managed Backup

  • A Fully Managed Solution with Web-Based Access
    Significantly reduces IT staff burden and allows your team to verify things such as data backup status, as well as data replication progress and completions
  • An Effortless, Scalable Backup with Encryption
    With flexible backup design that has your data backed up in encrypted form to ensure that all data stored or transmitted is secured using at least 256-bit RC4

Why Disaster Recovery System is Critical?

Implementing a data backup system that guarantees the full recovery of all data can mean the difference between seamless business continuity and complete paralysis of all essential business operations in the face of unforeseen data loss emergency. However, it is not enough to simply implement an effective backup system – the backup system must be continuously monitored to ensure all data is successfully backed up as scheduled.

Because of the time and capital expense involved with monitoring a backup system in-house, more and more enterprises are opting for a managed backup solution, outsourcing the management of their backup system to us, with special expertise in data backup, and allocating in-house resources where they can be used most effectively.

Some Client Love

King County
“You provided diverse connectivity in support of the underlying network, along with management and maintenance of the highest levels.”
~ Lori Dickneite, Network Services Manager, King County
“We realized that the people who were interacting with us were great at technology, they understood our requirements, relate to what we needed and came up with the best possible solution based on our specific needs.”
~ Brian T. Wolfinger, Vice President of Technology, LDiscovery
“In addition to the security and infrastructure of the site, the most important selection factors were customer service, cost, and reliability. You provided exactly what we wanted.”
~ Howard Epstein, CTO, Standard Technology

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