IP Transit Services

100% Uptime, Zero Packet Loss & Ultra Low Latency:
Guaranteed & Delivered

Whether you are serving up lots of content, have unpredictable network traffic, or want to
leverage the IoT as part of a digital transformation initiative, our coast-to-coast IP can deliver
reliable low-latency broadband connectivity.

The hopone.net (AS 14361) IP backbone, with a truly national reach and global connectivity, is entirely Cisco advanced router based and uses the latest equipment in a fully redundant, fully meshed, network design. Optimal routing of packets is assured through intelligent human and proprietary technology assisted deployment of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). We are always actively monitoring the performance of the Internet as a whole, as well as specific routes and backbones, to ensure we always provide the most optimal and performance-optimized outgoing route.

Transit & Peer Connections

CherryRoad’s network consists of a hybrid of top-SLA major tier 1 transit links at various locations, as well as numerous direct peering sessions with major national and international networks, backbones, and ISPs. More than half of the traffic exits from us directly to the destination peer network, being completely transit-free, thus ensuring the most direct and best performing route possible. This “best-of-the-best” approach ensures the best Quality of Service (QoS) possible for packet delivery via the Internet today.

Our peer list includes most of North America’s major access providers (ISP/cable/DSL), as well as many of the largest Asian, European, and South American backbones and ISPs. New peering sessions are established on an ongoing regular basis.

Secure and Compliant IP Backbone

Some Client Love

“You provided diverse connectivity in support of the underlying network, along with management and maintenance of the highest levels.”
~ Lori Dickneite, Network Services Manager, King County
“We realized that the people who were interacting with us were great at technology, they understood our requirements, relate to what we needed and came up with the best possible solution based on our specific needs.”
~ Brian T. Wolfinger, Vice President of Technology, LDiscovery
“In addition to the security and infrastructure of the site, the most important selection factors were customer service, cost, and reliability. You provided exactly what we wanted.”
~ Howard Epstein, CTO, Standard Technology

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