Service Level Agreement – Colocation Agreement

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We are proud to offer an exceptional level of performance, reliability, and service. We provide a detailed SLA that provides guarantees on facility and service uptime, reliability, and performance.

Our Terms and Conditions are highly flexible and customizable to meet your compliance and business needs

Summary of Our SLA Guarantees

Data Center Reliability & Performance
  • 100% electric supply (power) uptime (with redundant A & B power circuits)
    • One day credit for each hour of downtime
  • 100% of time compliance with environmental (AC) specifications
    • One day credit for each day of non-compliance
  • 15-minute response time to urgent (phone) support requests
    • One day credit for each unique case of non-compliance
  • Replacement of malfunctioning hardware within under two hours (for customers with CherryRoad managed hardware)
    • One day credit for each additional two hours taken
Network Reliability & Performance
  • 100% network uptime
    • One day credit for each hour of downtime
  • No packet loss on our network
    • One day credit for each 1% of packet loss
  • Below 3 ms latency on our network to our local area peers and Tier 1 backbone bandwidth providers
    • One day credit for each additional 3 ms of latency
  • 15-minute response time to urgent (phone) support requests
    • One day credit for each unique case of non-compliance
Credit Terms
  • Up to 100% of applicable fees on customer’s monthly bill may be credited due to failure to provide service per the terms of the SLA.
  • Measurement of all data is per a 30 consecutive day period.
  • No cost, no penalty, immediate affected service termination is permitted if over any 30 consecutive day period data center electric supply (both A & B) or network downtime exceeds 1% (7 hours), or packet loss on our network exceeds 5%, or any guaranteed latency on our network exceeds the guaranteed levels by 20 minutes, or there is a downtime of over 24 hours during customer’s managed hardware repair (only one of these conditions must be met).

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Please Note:

  • Our SLA is presented as an addendum to our Colocation Agreement and/or IP Transit Agreement and must be signed by both parties to be in effect. This page provides a summary of the SLA only and is not the actual SLA; thus, it is not binding.
  • If you would like to review the full text of the SLA, please contact us and we will gladly send you a copy of the full Service Level Agreement.

Some Client Love

King County
“You provided diverse connectivity in support of the underlying network, along with management and maintenance of the highest levels.”
~ Lori Dickneite, Network Services Manager, King County
“We realized that the people who were interacting with us were great at technology, they understood our requirements, relate to what we needed and came up with the best possible solution based on our specific needs.”
~ Brian T. Wolfinger, Vice President of Technology, LDiscovery
“In addition to the security and infrastructure of the site, the most important selection factors were customer service, cost, and reliability. You provided exactly what we wanted.”
~ Howard Epstein, CTO, Standard Technology

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