The trend to outsource data center services is on the rise. Businesses recognize that the costs for internally supporting an IT infrastructure are becoming more excessive between equipment and uninterrupted power systems maintenance, cooling, up-to-date technologies, and more.

Colocating your digital assets is an easy decision but choosing the right partner can be a difficult choice. When selecting a colocation provider, you are engaging one of your business organization’s most important ongoing partners and making the right choice is critical. But differentiating one colocation provider from another in this cluttered space can be a challenge.

When evaluating hosting vendors, there are six standards that should not be overlooked regarding your partner’s service delivery model and the data center design. This paper firmly outlines what enterprise-grade checklist items matter for achieving a better operating environment at the best value for your business. You’ll also learn why you simply can’t sacrifice any of the criteria. To ensure a successful course, you need integrated support through expert managed services, a flexible hosting plan, and colocation services.

Six Data Center Pillars
Pillar 1

Classification Level: Tier III Standard
datacenter_must havesTier III datacenter facilities allow for any maintenance without operational interruption, averaging 1.6 hours of downtime in a full year. That’s 99.982 percent availability – a sound guarantee not typically achievable internally or via a lower tiered partnership. CherryRoad’s privately owned and operated Tier III datacenters remarkably boast zero facility outages to date.
Each calculated component supports the overall aim for a sustainable infrastructure.

Performance measures such as diverse power feeds, high capacity power load support, multiple uplinks, and N+1 diesel generators assure a stable environment. Dual (and usually triple and quadruple) entrances of multiple telecommunications providers and managed bandwidth with performance-optimized BGP routing across the highly redundant coast-to-coast IP backbone provide resiliency in connectivity and deliver true 100% network uptime SLA (there has not been a single customer claim on the network uptime SLA since 2002), coupled with ultra-low latency, low jitter, and highly efficient, packet loss free (guaranteed) routing.

Pillar 2

SSAE-18 SOC-2 Type II Certification

At CherryRoad, our technology professionals and datacenter facilities are SSAE-18 SOC-2 audited and certified. The quality of our hosting services and infrastructure capabilities is additionally validated with our ISO 27001certification.

CherryRoad observes a strict adherence to internal controls and best practices when we host or process data belonging to our clients. To maintain our certifications, we undergo comprehensive audits to assess the quality of our infrastructure and the CherryRoad methodology for managed services, so clients can be confident their assets and sensitive data are secure.

Pillar 3

Safeguarded Environment: Stringent Security Model

Network security and physical security are both critical in maintaining a stable IT infrastructure. Our privately owned and operated, coast-to-coast IP backbone is one of many options available in our “data centers that are built to be data centers” and are backed by certified industry expertise. Our facilities are put together with truly purposeful design in disaster-safe zone colocation and resilient industrial-grade construction, designed to protect your equipment from water damage, fire, man-made calamity, and natural disasters, where every scenario is accounted for and covered.

Pillar 4

Fail-Proof Design: No Single Point of Failure, Fully Redundant

For businesses that rely on uptime, high availability, and rapid performance, 100-percent confidence is needed from your IT infrastructure. Our datacenters are designed with redundant Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems, redundant fiber ingress/egress points from multiple redundant telecommunications providers, multiple redundant cooling systems (HVAC), and redundant fire suppression. All this means that there is little to no risk of failure, as any single equipment or systems failure will be completely transparent to customers.

CherryRoad operates its enterprise disaster recovery solution to backup and restore client environments. We utilize our offsite storage and strict disk rotation based on client specifications to safeguard all your critical assets.

Pillar 5

Abreast of the Best:
Up-to-Date Technology and Equipment

Advanced data center equipment requires continuous maintenance and upgrades to the latest technologies. As such, all critical data center systems are under Preventative Maintenance contracts with the manufacturer or with a manufacturer authorized servicing company.
Our managed service options, alongside our innovative and highly cost-effective lease-to-own program for hardware, allow businesses to scale out and adapt quickly to changing business demands and compliance requirements with zero upfront cost and investment.

Pillar 6

Premier Partner:
World-Class Coverage & Competency

We don’t just follow the typical vendor model of using our footprint to stretch our environment to our clients. Any vendor can eliminate the financial burden of owning, maintaining, and updating hardware and equipment. We take it one step further, by ensuring we are always delivering the best technology, quality, utmost security, and value to our clients.

Eliminate unnecessary costs and enhance your operational performance through a reliable, dedicated hosting partner. CherryRoad functions around a client-centric methodology. Our experts are versed across the entire portfolio of web servers, database servers, file servers, cost and performance effective distributed storage, InfiniBand 40 Gb/s ultra-low latency networking, high redundancy systems, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and geographically dispersed high availability systems architecture. As a certified cloud and hosting provider and leader in managed services, CherryRoad delivers the difference of end-to-end solution coverage at the best value to the client.
Our clients experience the seamless relationship gained from our single-source team of experts. All consulting, project work, and maintenance are delivered through a proactive approach. Most importantly, CherryRoad doesn’t believe in middleman or help desk service…we offer direct access 24x7x365 to your trusted systems and network engineering team.

CherryRoad provides the freedom to choose and customize a hosting option that best meets your business challenges, compliance requirements, and budget. Due to the increasing costs of hardware, clients take advantage of the improved security and performance available through a dedicated hardware infrastructure. CherryRoad also makes the traditional shared infrastructure model available under the innovative and highly flexible and cost-effective Wholesale Cloud service.

Rather than locking you into a hardware choice, we work with you every step of the way to understand and create the right solution options available.